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Thand shake partnershipogether, We can Offer Peace Of Mind!

Partner with us to offer your seniors and family caregivers the peace of mind, safety, and effectiveness of our SageMinder Care Call program.  

Our Care Call Affiliate program is easy and free. 

To find out more, please request information by emailing us. 



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Senior Care Calls; Sageminder About Us:

Sage Life Technologies is owned and operated by Loridian LLC, a technology and training consulting firm. Sage Life Technologies is an active member of the American Telemedicine Association, National Family Caregivers Association, and the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania.

We have been working, since 2003, in conjunction with a steering committee of eight business and medical professionals — and with the cooperation of the Pennsylvania State University, physicians, and the Area Agency on Aging organizations to continue to find solutions for family caregivers and seniors with chronic conditions. With engineering experience and knowledge of rehabilitation issues, we have a commitment to serve the families of those who wish to remain in their homes and live independently.  To learn more, go to:


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The SageMinder System is an automated phone calling service that you can set up online to help remind your loved one to take medicines, perform certain tasks, or just check in.  You customize and set up the reminders and your loved one will receive the regular calls.  Depending on the service, you may also be notified for interactive phone calls so you can find out whether your loved one is okay, taking prescribed medications, and/or performing other tasks related to disease management.  Learn More.



From the Community Section, there are blogs, social networking, and forums. Registered users can participate in active discussion forums about topics related to caregiving.  Users can also become friends with other users for more one-on-one conversations and private messaging – all while maintaining anonymity.  In Health Resources, users can browse articles and other information about health topics and caregiving.  



Just register for an account or login and click on Care Community to explore the forums.  If you are logged in, click "Sage Social" under Care Community. There, you can set up your own anonymous user profile.  In this way, you can find other forum users that you have something in common with - and become friends for more personalized social networking with other caregivers.  This allows you to share ideas, stories, and experiences and offers the support that caregivers often need.



Most of our services are free.  Our main service is the “SageMinder System" which comes with a range of fees depending on the customized plan selected.  Please see a section "Care Calls” for a full listing of our offerings and go to "packages/purchase info" page for more on pricing.  



At SageMinder, we are committed to protecting your privacy.  When you set up an account, we recommend that you use a “user ID” name that in no way identifies who you are.  On the public side of this website, nothing but your user id and photo appear.  The photo is optional and if you want to include one that does not reveal who you are, please upload a picture of scenery or of an object rather than yourself.  While social networking with others, you may receive emails from your “friends” and other users.  These users never find out your real email address – we email you for them.  Likewise, when you send someone a private message on this site, neither your email nor your name is attached to that email and we send it for you.  To learn more about how this works, please see our Privacy Policy.

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